Videographic Criticism

Everything Comes Full Circle: Beginnings and Endings in Todd Haynes’ Carol

A videographic meditation on beginnings, endings, and queer desire in Carol (dir. Todd Haynes, 2015).

Murder Husbands: Queerness, Violence & Cinematic History

This video essay brings together two texts—Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope and the recent TV show Hannibal created by Bryan Fuller—and two ways of video-based analysis—videographic criticism and vidding (which is a specific tradition of fan-made remix videos). Read more.

Normative | Transgressive

A video essay that examines the co-existence of normative and transgressive queer images in the web series Husbands. Produced at Scholarship in Sound & Image: A Workshop on Videographic Criticism, Middlebury College, 2015.

Hannibal, Slash Fandom, and Queer Media Visibility

A videographic meditation on glass as metaphor. Produced for the Hannibal theme week on In Media Res, 2015.

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