The Experience Economy of TV Promotion at San Diego Comic-Con

This visual story is a digital companion piece to my article, “The Experience Economy of TV Promotion at San Diego Comic-Con,” International Journal of Cultural Studies, 2021. The “experience economy” and “experiential marketing” are key theoretical ideas in my analysis, and both emphasize the importance of in-person immersive experiences as keys to brand loyalty, especially for promotions at Comic-Con. I created customized maps, photos, and videos to provide an “on the ground” insight into activations.

San Diego Comic-Con 101

This Storymap introduces the spaces and events of San Diego Comic-Con serves as a digital companion piece to my article “Time, Space, Strategy: Fan Blogging and the Economy of Knowledge at San Diego Comic-Con,” Popular Communication, 2020.

In the article, I argue that fans who identify as “convention bloggers” are fans of the space and experience of Comic-Con rather than of a specific media text and that they value comprehensive knowledge of the spaces and organization of the convention (often prioritizing this knowledge over the promotional content offered by the media industry). I created this storymap to introduce the key rooms and venues in the San Diego Convention Center and to outline organizational infrastructures like line management.

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