Teaching Philosophy & Practice

Teaching (With) Videographic Criticism:

See also my Teaching with Video Essays resource collection featuring a selection of video essays on various topics related to film and television.

Lewis & Clark

Media Design and Criticism {download syllabus} | Vimeo Collection
Television and American Culture {download syllabus} | Vimeo Collection
Introduction to Rhetoric and Media Studies, {download syllabus}
Digital Media and Society {download syllabus}
Media Theory { Spring 2020) | Vimeo Collection }
Queer Film and Television {download syllabus} | Vimeo Collection

See assignments & student work

New York University

Seminar in Queer Film and Television
Introduction to Digital Media
Media and Cultural Analysis
Television: History and Form
Seminar in Transmedia Television & Industry
Global Television
Senior Seminar in Global Television
Independent Study: Digital Literacy
Seminar: 1900/2000: Media in Transition

Georgia Institute of Technology

Web 2.0: Collaboration / Consumption / Creativity
Understanding Television
Transmedia Television
Digital Media and Participatory Culture
Technology / Media / Everyday Life


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