Melanie E.S. Kohnen

Connected Viewing Initiative

Co-Principal Investigator, Connected Viewing Initiative, UC Santa Barbara, 2014-2015

Project: Millennial Media Territories: Surveying Content Discovery Among College Students

I collaborated with Dr. Karen Petruska to investigate how millennials consume media via digital platforms using two surveys with 350 participants and fifty half-hour interviews. We presented findings to Warner Bros. and authored a white paper entitled Cultivating the College-Age Media Audience: Incentivizing Content Discovery and the Ownership Proposition.

This project surveyed college students at multiple American universities to learn more about how they discover new means of viewing and what motivates them to sample unfamiliar content, including new, original, and historical content. While the project examined rates of discovery through dominant streaming and portals like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and iTunes, it also investigated emerging streaming portals and the role of social media informing students about unfamiliar programming.