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Queer Representation, Visibility and Race in American Film and Television: Screening the Closet was published by Routledge in November 2015.

Screening the Closet develops a new framework for understanding queer visibility in the media that stresses the interdependence of race and sexuality. Challenging the idea that an increase of LGBTQ images is a uniformly
positive development, I demonstrate that many of these images offer a narrow vision of queer visibility.


1. All That Visibility Allows, or Mapping Queer Visibility
2. Visions of History: Queerness and Race in Hollywood Cinema from the Production Code to X-Men
3. Towards the ‘Gay 90s:’ Redefining Queer Visibility through the Lens of AIDS
4. Outside Space and Time: Screening Queerness in Brokeback Mountain and Boys Don’t Cry
5. Kevin and Scotty Get Married (And Hardly Anyone is Watching): Queer Visibility, Privacy, and the Boundaries of Everyday Life on Television
Concluding Remarks


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Cultural Diversity as Brand Management in Cable Television.” Media Industries (Winter 2015).

“Television’s Queer Futures? The Possibilities and Limitations of Web Series, Digital Distribution, and LGBT Representation in Husbands.Future Texts: Subversive Performance and Feminist Bodies. Eds. Vicki Callahan and Virginia Kuhn (Parlor Press, 2015).

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